We have the specialist for your needs

Whether you ride a Harley or a Sport Bike, Benz and Bikes has the know how to get the job done. Once, done, we will call you and let you know your bike is done and ready. 


Chuck is the owner and founder. His work ethics is to dedicate his time and efforts to make his customers happy. He enjoys the fabrication aspect of his shop. Allowing his ideas to become reality. In hindsight, he can be tough, but you've got to be if you're going to survive in this business, in which he has. 


Josh has a vast amount of knowledge in fab, audio, service and overall motorcycle care and service. He may not talk a lot but it's because he keeps focused with his work. He takes pride in all aspects of his talents and skills. 


Frankie is our tutorial instructor and all around service team member. Once, again, if you need a service of routine work done on your bike, Frankie is the man. He likes to explain and show his customers what he does so that they can get a better understanding of motorcycle maintenance


Renee is the heart and soul of the custom work at Benz and Bikes. His gifts of making boring bike pop is in the detail work. Renee only uses the most advanced and quality products so that when you ride, others will take note of their reflection , from a mile away!. Ask Renee anything about detail work and he will show you why they call him the best detail guy in this business. 

11134 IOTA Dr

San Antonio, Texas 

(210) 888-2453


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