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Can you hear me now?

As a motorcyclist , you want the best audio for your motorcycle.Can we all agree that there are three types of riders when it comes to audio. Some like to put earphones on inside your helmet while riding. This is especially true when you have already taken off your baffles and put short pipes on . Now, everyone a mile a way hears you roaring by and you've gone deaf because you've figured out a way to put knock off headphones in your helmet with some kind of amp from china to hear your music above those knock off exhaust pipes.

Then, there are those who just enjoy the wind and nature coupled with the sounds of your steel horse. More power to you and enjoy the ride.

Finally, there are those of you that not only let others know your'e coming and going with those sweet new pipes, but also what kind of bad ass you are by sharing your song choice of let's say AC/DC or Guns and Roses. It doesn't matter the song choice because as a rider , it's all about you, the road and whatever you make of it. Your bike, your attire, your song choice, even if its Justin Bieber ( which I strongly don't recommend ) , is your choice, unless of course you've got your ol lady on the back. That my friends, is a totally different blog.

That being said, one issue while riding and attempting to listen to your music still poses one problem. You can't hear it right?. This is due to the fact that those factory speakers can't push the sound without cracking or blowing those little Walmart speakers ( nothing against Walmart, just saying).

So let's get out of the kiddie pool, move to the adult dinner table and put our big boy underwear on shall we? Benz and Bikes is not only the largest, known for best service, with the lowest prices in this little country I like to call TEXAS. It also maintains the best quality audio gear known to man. ( DISCLAIMER: when I say man, I include woMAN too, since there is man in woMAN, no pun intended).

Ok, let's stay focused, unlike Helen Keller ever did . Benz and Bikes carries a line of audio equipment that will not only deliver that intoxicating sweet sound but has the know how to install it properly .Don't make the mistake so many have done. This is of course buying some half decent audio equipment off Amazon , well reviewed by riders who still think Fonzie's leather jacket is still in style and then try putting it in themselves. Then, on your next ride, you can't understand why you no longer have headlights or your blinkers go to hazard when turning right.

In this life, make good sound choices when it comes to riding. Yes, be a bad ass, but , be safe about it so you can continue to ride until you have to move out of those big boy underwear into some Depends senior ones .

If anything, call BENZ and BIKES and ask questions about what they recommend for your bike and how your dream of balancing the sounds of your exhaust and music evenly can come true.

So what are you waiting for? You're not getting any younger and you're probably experiencing some loss of hearing anyway. Here are just a few brands that Benz and Bikes carry's.

Diamond Audio


Sound Digital

Ground Zero

Cerwin Vega

Oh and what's that? You would have to get lids for them? Well, we carry speaker lids too such as :

Hog Tunes

Speed by design

Fairing Factory radios built for those long rides such as

Rockford Fosgate

Aquatic AV



All speakers and amps come with a one year warranty and most are weather resistant for all you hydroplaning riders out there as well . Benz and Bikes keeps most everything in stock so that when your'e ready to become a true inspiration to all riders, BENZ AND BIKES is ready too.

DISCLAIMER: When riding with audio purchased and installed by Benz and Bikes, we are not responsible for any divorces , breakups or arguments with current girlfriend, wife or sancha ,due to the uncontrollable actions of MILFs that stop next to you at stop lights exposing their milk jugs out of appreciation and respect . It just happens.....Enjoy the ride...

Disclaimer 2: if anyone felt disrespected by these comments, pictures, etc, be advised , most is meant for entertainment purposes and does not reflect on the business. For a more respectful page, may we recommend such sites like pottery barn or bed bath and beyond.

Stay tuned for our next blog when we teach you the true secrets oh how to detail your bike.

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