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CHUCK (owner)

Chuck is the owner and founder. His work ethics is to dedicate his time and efforts to make his customers happy. He enjoys the fabrication aspect of his shop. Allowing his ideas to become reality. In hindsight, he can be tough, but you've got to be if you're going to survive in this business, in which he has. 


Greer has been working for Benz and Bikes for 2 1/2 years now. She has been taken under the wing of owner Chuck Tramontozzi ( her father) who has trained her to become a huge asset to the Benz and Bikes company. Greer is now in charge of the Spyder Pods sales division and has helped improve the sales and service needs that are required to continue to make Benz and Bikes a nationally known custom motorcycle shop. 


Stick has been working for Benz and Bikes for 13 years. During this time, he has worked on all types of bikes with every service available. He is considered to be the trick of all trades in the industry. Stick has also worked at several Harley Davidson Dealerships around the country. Customers really appreciate the fact that Stick explains the status of each bike he works on. This develops a rapport so that customers know they can always come back anytime for great service.


Joe is from Alpine, Texas. He started his career with Big Dog in Arlington Heights, Illinois in 2006. His skills include working on motorcycles, ATV's, side by sides and even golf carts. Joe has always been fascinated with custom painting and airbrushing as well. Joe also appreciates learning new skills in this industry which only enhances his capabilities in what he can offer his customers. 

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super dave

Dave has been working on and riding motorcycles since he was 6 years old. After his service in the Army, Dave started working on motorcycles professionally. Dave is an old school mechanic that can diagnose just about every issue out there. His passion has always been motor work. His skills don't end here either. Dave is also very skilled Hot Rod mechanic. 


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