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This special is designed for all you riders that don't have time to change your oil. If you change your own oil, stop by and buy the Amsoil from us. If you want to learn  how to change your oil, come by and we will teach you or you can review our tutorial on how to change your fluids from our website. 

You can look at many Harley forums like "this one"and see that what is advertised from a dealer is not really what you will be charged once your oil change is done. 

At Benz and Bikes, there is no small print or reason why they have to fix your flux capacitor at the same time of your oil change.  ​​

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If your'e going to invest in a motorcycle, you've got to make sure she gets the proper attention she deserves right? 

Just remember that she will never talk back to you or spend your money without permission. So give BENZ and BIKES a call to schedule your next oil change.​​

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